Helpful Marriage Tips

Helpful Marriage Tips

It should come as no surprise that happy married couples are always seeking tips and ways to improve their marriage. We know that every marriage is unique; but there is one thing that all marriages have in common, and that is, they all have challenges. Married couples face various challenges every day, and for them to succeed they have to fight hard  every single day. Therefore, any Helpful Marriage Tips  they can get to assist them with dealing with these challenges would be greatly appreciated. I have experienced my own set of challenges over the years, but I have been learning from my own mistakes, as well as from other couples who have been there.  I am not afraid to admit that I have challenges from time to time, even though I have been married for more than 30 years.

The intention of this information is to share with you Helpful Marriage  tips that some couples  have used to deal with their challenges in their marriage. Every couple has secrets that they used to get them through their own challenges. Maybe you could try some of these tips to help you with your own challenges. No couple will live long enough to make all the mistakes, we must learn from others, and that is how we become successful in our marriage. Every tip that we learn from other couples will put us one level above the others, because when we learn from other couples we do not have to make the same mistakes ourselves. Many marriages do not succeed because some couples were afraid to ask for help even when they recognized that their marriage was in trouble. It is very important that as a couple you observe warning signs of trouble, and make wise decisions to seek help early. Many couples waited for years to get help, and by that time it was too late for them. Do not wait, get help as soon as you see trouble brewing in your marriage.

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14 Golden Words for Your Marriage


Your marriage is one of your most precious investment in life. The success of your marriage is based heavily on WORDS.   Your marriage will stand or fall depending on the kind of words you build on.These 14 golden words can help you to do well in your marriage if used effectively.


1. LOVE: Love is the glue that keeps you and your spouse together. Love overlooks faults and failures, and it does not hold grudges. Your marriage will sustain all the damages of storms that you will encounter on your marital journey.

2.LISTEN : It is very important for both of you to listen to each other. Listen with your heart as well as your ears. Do not take anything that is said at face value, pay attention to the tone and try to put things into perspective.

3. TRUST: No trust ,no marriage. When two people are in an intimate relationship and can’t trust each other the relationship is damage. Trust is one of the strongest pillars of a strong marriage.

4. WISDOM: Wisdom is a precious commodity for your marriage. Wisdom will take you to great heights in and outside your marriage. Having wisdom will prevent many pitfalls in your life. In your marriage, wisdom will teach you when to speak and when not to speak about certain things.

5.UNDERSTANDING: It is understanding that will cause you grow to maturity in your relationship. When two people have a good understanding  of each other there is no limit to their accomplishments.

6.COMMUNICATION: This is key for all successful marriages. Communication will keep your marriage fresh and healthy. Communication can be verbal or non-verbal, so be careful how you communicate with each other.

7. KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is vital for the survival of any marriage. Knowledge gives you power to deal with your own life, and the life of your spouse. Many marriages failed due to the lack of knowledge. First of all you must know yourself, Knowing who you are will keep you from being defined by others. Then you need to get to know your spouse; this will help you to develop a better relationship with each other.

Marriage is one of the strongest commitment a couple will make it life. It is really a commitment for the rest of your like; therefore it should not be made without serious planning. You must take the time to understand the person you will commit your life to, and what it will be like to live with such person. This is a commitment for life, your life. If there habits that you see that cause concern you must address them before you get married. If you wait until after the wedding to talk about them, it will be too late.

Since marriage is such a serious commitment I would like to point out some of the things that you must pay attention to that could help strengthen your marriage.

8. KNOW YOURSELF. You must take the time to know who you are and the kind of relationship you want.Know your personality and your desires. Know your needs and expectations. Know your emotions , the tings that make you laugh and the ones that make you cry. Talk to yourself about the things that you can tolerate with others.

9. KNOW YOUR MATE. It make no sense to get into a commitment with someone you know nothing about. Learn all you can about the person you desire to spend your life with before you make such commitment.

10. TALK YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS. Many marriage fail due lack of communication. You must use your mouth to get what you want out of the relationship. Let your mate know about your like and dislikes so that the relationship can grow. Assumption is dangerous for any relationship, that is why you talk about everything.

11. TIMING IS EVERYTHING. It it very important that you practice proper timing in your relationship to make the commitment last for a life time. Learning how to address issues at the right time will save lots of anguish in your marriage.

12. THE NEED FOR BONDING. Your marriage will not last for life if there is not proper bonding with each other from the beginning. There has has to be a bonding of body, spirit and soul. This bonding has to be so deep that nothing nor no one can penetrate it.

13. COUNT THE COST. Many couples struggle in their marriage because they did not understand how much time they need to dedicate to make the relationship succeed. Marriages do not run on auto pilot, they need lots of to keep them on the right paths. Couples have to dedicate many hours to build their marriage, especially for the first five years of getting married.

14. TRUST YOUR MATE. This is the KEY to have a successful marriage. You cannot be committed to someone who you do not trust. To be committed is to be trusted. Your words must be believable, solid, dependable, and reliable in order for your marriage to overcome all the pitfalls in life. When everything else fails, your word must stand strong in your marriage.

You will be successful in your marriage as long as you are committed to make it work. If you do your part the other part will fall in place.

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Divorce is never easy


Divorce is never easy

Marriage is one of the greatest institution ever designed. This is the place for two people in love learn to grow in wisdom and understanding of the human behavior. When couples get married they want it to last for a life time.However, life does not always go the way we planned it, and unfortunately many marriages ended in divorce.

Your marriage does not have to end in divorce. You may be facing some challenges in your marriage, but you can overcome them.The dictionary describes divorce as: “The legal termination of a marriage-the separation of things that were together.” We know that a divorce does not “just happen”; there are always precipitating factors. There is a process in divorce: it could be long or short, depending on the couple. The spouse who wants out of the marriage has put a lot of thoughts and planning into it, before coming to the conclusion of divorce.

This article is to help you if you are having challenges in your marriage and your thoughts are toward divorce. Think on these prevention tips that could assist you.


I have heard a commercial on the radio of how happy the husband was when he asked his wife for a divorce. The wife in response also made it seemed like a joyous occasion, and that they were delighted to get rid of each other. This made me think of how much value is placed on marriage these days. It appears as if married couples are not willing to work  very hard to keep their marriage going for the long haul. Marriage is very precious , and I believe that couples should try hard to make it work. Yes, there will be difficult times along the way, but couples must work together if they want their marriage to survive the journey. However; having said that , I know that not all marriages will be ’till death do us part’. Some marriages will end in divorce for one reason or another.

This article is really to help couples who may be thinking about divorce or are going through divorce.  It does not really matter what caused a divorce, the fact is that : DIVORCE IS NEVER EASY.  Divorce can destroy so many lives, not just the two people involved. Divorce affects every fabric of the family, especially if their are children. Divorce never JUST HAPPENED, it takes a long time.When you talk to divorcees, they will reflect on the little things they observed over the years that lead them to divorce. There are many things to consider when planning for a divorce. I do hope that the information the TODAY SHOW : these” 10 things I wish I’D known before getting divorced”  will help  you on your journey. Divorce is never easy , but with better knowledge and more understanding , you will be more informed to make wise decisions concerning your future. Knowledge is very powerful, and the more informed you are about the ramifications of divorce, the better prepared you will be in your life. This information may not be for you now, but you may know someone who is married and is considering divorce; you can help them.

It is the general expectation of couples who get married to stay together until “death do us part”. However, marriage can take on a different path as you get on your journey to LIFE with all the issues. when you were courting everything seemed so good, and you both have great expectations for the future. Now that you are actually married and you have to deal with REALITY some things may change. Life can get busy with all the various challenges , before you know it,  if you do not have a solid foundation for your marriage it will fall apart.

My mission here is to help couples lay a sound foundation to build on so that their marriage will last to their true promise “until death do us part.”  Divorce is really preventable and it is our responsibility to do all  in our power to prevent it. Here are some helpful tips that if followed will be an asset to you. Happy Marriage!

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As You Plan Your Wedding


There is a great joy that comes with planning your wedding, even though it can be exhausting for all those involved. From the moment you decided that you are getting married, your whole world changed. There is a difference in the atmosphere, and you no longer think or act the same way. Your mindset is now focused on a million things.  Now it depends on your personality, if you will become flustered or you will just take things in stride.However, the planning of a wedding is a hard task; one,  that requires skills, wisdom, and lots of patience. There are so many things to consider in your planning, and if you cannot afford a wedding planner, the experience can be overwhelming. There are so many challenges that even the clothes to wear to different functions can cause conflicts. So as you plan your wedding one of the things to include in the plan is : WHAT TO WEAR TO THE REHEARSAL. Here are some tips from TODAY that should help you in your planning.


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Marriage Proposal…Who should ask?

Marriage is great institution,  and every year millions of couples around the world get married. The weddings plans often started long before the wedding day. It all started in your heart with the proposals, the man or the lady asking  for marriage. It has been the tradition over the years for the man to propose to the woman. However, for a while now some women believed that they should feel free to propose to their man without any  fear of criticism. This is reality and we just have to understand that we are living in a changing world. One thing I do not like to see is when a woman has to pay all the expenses of the wedding, just because she was the one who made the proposal. The man must take his place as the head and take some financial responsibilities in the wedding. He may not have lots of money, but he must be able to contribute somehow.This article by Alix Strauss shares thoughts Why woman proposal is still rare gives us an insight into the changing times we are living in.

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The Importance of Marriage Counselling

Your marriage is so precious that you must do everything in your power to make it work. Every marriage has its rough patches, and every couple have tough days. We all go through challenges and struggles in our personal lives, and in our marriages. We know that live is very busy and sometimes the things we love most in our lives suffer due to negligence.  As a couple  you may  find that your marriage is not going as well as you would like it, and things are way beyond your control, If so you need to seek  professional help. Marriage counselling is important because it will help to: 1. Give insights in your issues 2. Give you strength to move forward 3. Open up new channels for you to flow within your marriage 4. It provides opportunities for growth in your marriage. 5. It solidify your seriousness of your commitment to your marriage. I am here to help you, just contact me!


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Your Marriage can Recover from an Affair

It is true that if we do not take care of what we have we will lose it one way or another. This includes personal things such as our teeth or our pets. As we expand it to other things such as our marriage we know for a fact that if we do not pay attention to each other needs we are (unconsciously) losing each other. Every marriage needs love and affection to survive, a lack of romance will lead to all kinds of things including affairs.

This story is about a couple who had affairs and with much help were able to recover. Read it and see how it can be of help to you. Try to find the messages it brings. Your marriage may be strong but see how you could make it stronger to prevent it from falling apart, to prevent affairs.


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The power of “I DO”in marriage

Marriage is an awesome institution and those who are married or planning to get married must know what they are doing. With a good knowledge and understanding it makes  marriage what it ought to be…a great experience. When couples get married it is for a life time so it makes sense to know the POWER of “I DO.” These two words are life changers. It does not matter how long the couple know each other. They may even live together for years before they decide to get married, these two words will make a difference in their lives.

This is what happens the moment you open your mouth and say “I DO.” There is a shift in atmosphere and everything is now moving in a different direction: one hour ago you were single and on your own, now you are two and no longer on your own. “I DO.” means:

Acceptance: You have agreed to accept each other in every way, faults and failures. This mean that both of you have made an informed decisions to take each other as is and make the best of life.

Believe: You believe in each other. You know that your marriage is going to be great because you believe in each other.

Commitment: You have made a commitment to each other that from this day on you will work hard to succeed at your marriage.

Dedicated: You will be dedicated to each other, trying to spend as much time as  possible with each other.

Expectations: You have expectations but they will not be met unless you both work on them.

Faithfulness: For your marriage to last a life time you have to be faithful to each other.

Generosity: In order to keep your marriage alive you must be generous to each other. Give lots of love; give lots of time; give lots of forgiveness.

Help: Help in every way to make the work at home easy on each other. Help to create a loving atmosphere for your marriage to thrive.

Involvement: Get involve in whatever each other is doing for development of your marriage.Keep building up each other by working together.

Justice: You must be just and fair to each other. Try to weigh the situation before passing judgment.

Knowledge: Saying I DO means that you have good knowledge of your roles and responsibilities in marriage.

Love: There are many couples who got married without the smallest trace of love; however, your marriage is not like that, your marriage is full of LOVE.

Management: As a couple you must be able to manage your resources together. Yesterday you were on your own, today you are together as one, so you must manage everything as one.

New: Saying I DO means new life for both of you. Every thing is new for both of you so you have learn to deal with changes.

Openness: Your lives have become one and that comes with a lot of openness to each other. You must be willing to share things that you may not have shared before.

Persistence: I DO says we are going to be persistent regardless of the trial we face in life.

Quite a Risk: I DO says we have no control over the future but we are going to take the risk with each other.

Respect: We will respect each other and try to work hard for our marriage.

Strength: You must be strong in every area of your life if you are going to live happily ever after you say “I DO.”

Talk: Saying I DO is the start of our communication. We will continue to talk to each other about everything, especially things relating to our marital growth.

Understanding: This in so important for every couple. Many marriages failed due to lack of understanding, both of themselves and what they did.

Victory: You must determine to gain victory over all the obstacles you face as you journey together in marriage.

Willingness: You have to be willing to set goals and aim to accomplish them together.

You: You must be yourself, yet be able to function as one in your marriage.

Zeal: Zeal is what you both need to get you through the rough spots on your marital journey.

This is the power of these two little words I DO

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Your Marriage Health



Your marriage is one of the greatest institutions in your life. When you and your spouse got together in your relationship it was an amazing moment. You have had great times together over the years. But these days things are not going so well. It seems that the life of the marriage is losing strength.However, your marriage does not have to die. It must be alive and well to survive the tests of time, and it must also be healthy to deal with all the difficulties in life. Physically we  strive to live a healthy life style by eating proper foods, doing exercises , and  participating in all the necessary things to keep us healthy. This same principle applies to marriage: we must do all the necessary things to maintain a healthy and happy marriage.

These tips will help to keep your marriage healthy.

1. Take 15 minutes to talk to your spouse about the day. Have a simple discussion or check-in as to how things are going. Do not assume that all is well, ask  right questions and make sure you get right answers. Try to have a meaningful conversation with your spouse every day. Listen well to what is being said or not said.Do not interrupt the conversation just listen, it will keep your marriage alive.

2. Smile at each other often. Learn to make jokes with each other; it will create sunshine in your lives. You must learn to even laugh at yourself when you make silly mistakes. Do not take everything so seriously, give yourself some time to have fun. By laughing together it allows you to have healthy relationships between you.

3. Hugs cannot be too much.Give lots of hugs it will stimulate the life blood in you and in your marriage. Yes, some folks do not like to be hugged all the time so both of you will have to decide how much to give,but be sure to give some hugs because it will help your marriage stay healthy. There is so much power in the human touch; it will do wonders for your marriage. I am aware that that there some people who believe that the only time they should hug is when they want to have sex. This is not about sex, it is to keep your marriage healthy, happy and strong.

I wish Happy , Healthy, and Strong Marriage.

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Great Relationships

Every day is filled with challenges. We have challenges at home, at work, on our way from work, and just about everywhere in life. Marriages have their own set of struggles; sometimes we overcome them, and other times they overcome us. Marriage does not come with a manual; therefore every couple has to create their own path as they journey together. This one of the reasons some marriages failed. The couples got to a point in their marriage where they could not face the challenges so they gave up. When some couples realized that their marriage was in trouble it was too late to save. Many of these couples who have learned from their challenges were willing to come forward and issue sound advise to couples who are married, and also to those who are planning to get married. Take a look at these quotes they can help you to avoid some of the pitfalls that other couples have experienced.

Great Relationships

Great relationships are vital to the survival of the human being.We all depend on good relationships to help us along our journey, and there is always a desire for us to improve our relationships with others. For example, wives and husbands, parents and children, employers and employees, coworkers all need to maintain a good relationship for a happy life. When the relationships between us and others are not at a low level it creates tensions between us. But on the other hand when the relationships are going good they make us feel amazing.

Here are three golden words to keep your relationships alive in your marriage. It is important to say : I LOVE YOU!  These three words must be the core of our relationships. We can never succeed without them, because love is the glue that keeps relationships together. It is the cord that bind us together; so we must live them and speak them every moment of our lives. These are the sweetest words we could ever share with the people in our lives, especially our spouses. These three words can move mountains, break down walls, build bridges, and fix holes in our relationships. Many marriages are suffering from the malnutrition of love because they do not get it generously. Lots of couples are starving for love due to the fact that they themselves do not have enough of it to share.  The lack of love is one of the reasons for the height of divorce we face today. When love is missing  from the marriage a man can arm himself with a weapon and use it to destroy lives, especially the live of the one person he says he loves.

Love is the KEY for all great relationships we see today. When there is no love in the relationship the marriage is dead. So those of us who understand the value of love, let us practice to share love with one another every day, but especially with our spouse.Tell your spouse “I LOVE YOU”,and let it come from the heart. Then back up those words with good actions. The world needs love,more love, but it must start with you. Don’t be shy, say it often, say it loud…be a Lover and it will come right back to you. As a married couple you have to lay the foundation for your children or the younger generations to build on.This is how we build and maintain great relationships. I do not know you personally, but I just want to let you know that I LOVE YOU! Be good to yourself, give love and it will follow to you,the world is depending on YOU.

Dr. E. Bennett


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