The power of “I DO”in marriage

Marriage is an awesome institution and those who are married or planning to get married must know what they are doing. With a good knowledge and understanding it makesĀ  marriage what it ought to be…a great experience. When couples get married it is for a life time so it makes sense to know the POWER of “I DO.” These two words are life changers. It does not matter how long the couple know each other. They may even live together for years before they decide to get married, these two words will make a difference in their lives.

This is what happens the moment you open your mouth and say “I DO.” There is a shift in atmosphere and everything is now moving in a different direction: one hour ago you were single and on your own, now you are two and no longer on your own. “I DO.” means:

Acceptance: You have agreed to accept each other in every way, faults and failures. This mean that both of you have made an informed decisions to take each other as is and make the best of life.

Believe: You believe in each other. You know that your marriage is going to be great because you believe in each other.

Commitment: You have made a commitment to each other that from this day on you will work hard to succeed at your marriage.

Dedicated: You will be dedicated to each other, trying to spend as much time asĀ  possible with each other.

Expectations: You have expectations but they will not be met unless you both work on them.

Faithfulness: For your marriage to last a life time you have to be faithful to each other.

Generosity: In order to keep your marriage alive you must be generous to each other. Give lots of love; give lots of time; give lots of forgiveness.

Help: Help in every way to make the work at home easy on each other. Help to create a loving atmosphere for your marriage to thrive.

Involvement: Get involve in whatever each other is doing for development of your marriage.Keep building up each other by working together.

Justice: You must be just and fair to each other. Try to weigh the situation before passing judgment.

Knowledge: Saying I DO means that you have good knowledge of your roles and responsibilities in marriage.

Love: There are many couples who got married without the smallest trace of love; however, your marriage is not like that, your marriage is full of LOVE.

Management: As a couple you must be able to manage your resources together. Yesterday you were on your own, today you are together as one, so you must manage everything as one.

New: Saying I DO means new life for both of you. Every thing is new for both of you so you have learn to deal with changes.

Openness: Your lives have become one and that comes with a lot of openness to each other. You must be willing to share things that you may not have shared before.

Persistence: I DO says we are going to be persistent regardless of the trial we face in life.

Quite a Risk: I DO says we have no control over the future but we are going to take the risk with each other.

Respect: We will respect each other and try to work hard for our marriage.

Strength: You must be strong in every area of your life if you are going to live happily ever after you say “I DO.”

Talk: Saying I DO is the start of our communication. We will continue to talk to each other about everything, especially things relating to our marital growth.

Understanding: This in so important for every couple. Many marriages failed due to lack of understanding, both of themselves and what they did.

Victory: You must determine to gain victory over all the obstacles you face as you journey together in marriage.

Willingness: You have to be willing to set goals and aim to accomplish them together.

You: You must be yourself, yet be able to function as one in your marriage.

Zeal: Zeal is what you both need to get you through the rough spots on your marital journey.

This is the power of these two little words I DO

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